Exercise the Demons

We all know that one of the hardest things to do after a long day of work or day drinking, is to have the motivation to get our bodies back in check by doing some exercise. The only thing holding you back is YOU because we have done the hard part for you and provided you with some local, FREE workout events that are offered throughout the month which means you can save that gym membership fee for doing what we love (exploring #everythinglocal).


Sunday mornings never felt so good than after trying a free yoga class at Lulu Lemon Athletica in Hyde park Village. Usually at 9am or 10am right in the store, this is a smaller event (due to location), but it’s definitely relaxing and a great way to begin your Sunday Funday. If you hit it on the right week, you may even be able to walk out right into the Hyde Park Sunday Market!

In addition, check out their latest event Bootcamp and Brews coming on Saturday, March 21st (see below).

LuLu Lemon Hyde Park Village Never Have I Ever Tampa BayLulu Lemon Hyde Park Never Have i Ever Tampa Bay

If Sunday Funday hasn’t knocked you on your booty, you do not have to be a pro to try Yoga in The Park (Curtis Hixon Downtown Tampa). Just come prepared with a mat, water bottle and towel. We attended a few weeks ago and as you can see, it was PACKED!! All Levels and ages are welcome.

NHIE Tampa Bay Free Exercise


If you are close to Harbour Island or just looking to change up your routine, then stop in to Brew Camp hosted on Monday’s at 6:30 at Cafe Dufrain! And if that’s not enough, a free beer should seal the deal!

NHIE Tampa Bay Cafe Dufrain Brew Camp


Curtis Hixon Park Downtown also is host to a complimentary group exercise class on Mondays. If you head downtown from 6:00-6:45pm on Monday Nights, you can check out a Pound the Park class for free! Pound Fit Rockout Workout is a high energy, full body, group exercise class. This free community activity is sponsored by the Tampa Downtown Partnership.

Pound the Park Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay


Zumba In The Park at Curtis Hixon Park in Downtown Tampa on Tuesday Evenings at 6pm! This free group exercise class is presented in collaboration by the Tampa Downtown Partnership & Downtown Tampa YMCA.

Four Green Fields Running Club is another weekly running crew that meets between 5:30-5:45pm to sign in and then hits the ground running promptly at 6pm. Come by every Tuesday and enjoy a 5K with friends, followed by a pint of your favorite brew from Four Green Fields! Note: There is a one-time $5 fee to join the running club. Here is a map of the running route:

Four Green Field Running Club Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay


If you loved the Monday night on Harbour Island, you might as well get some sweatin’ done at Cry Baby Cafe  at 6:30am which also provides participants a free coffee after completing your bootcamp workout.

Cry Baby Cafe Tampa Harbour Island Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

Another Wednesday option would be Bamboozle Fit Club  in Curtis Hixon Park downtown. This collaboration between Bamboozle Cafe and Sweatshop Urban Gym and Fitness Studio. Class starts at 6:00 pm every Wednesday night, but participants should meet at Bamboozle Café prior to class to sign-in or fill-out/turn-in waivers. What makes this different? Well, participants receive 20% off their tab that evening for dinner. So, you can order before class starts and have your dinner ready to go when you complete your workout!

Bamboozle Fit Club Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay


If you are a yoga fan, then you should probably check out Saturday Yoga in Ybor . Hosted every weekend at 9:30am at the Ybor City Museum garden, this class donates any proceeds to the Ybor City Museum Society. It’s actually three fold, you get a great workout, you can donate to a great local cause AND you can hit up the Ybor City Saturday Market afterwards.

Saturday Yoga in Ybor Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

Our new favorite healthy spot, Fresh Kitchen, is offering Paleo Bootcamp and yoga classes in Bern’s Park outside of their location on weekends. Led by coaches from Result Cult, the most recent bootcamp was a great success. Some of our FK friends were recently there for the first class and said it was a great way to detoxify after a rough night partying in SoHo. So be sure to check out Facebook for the next event! #sweatoutthedemons #giveaFK

If you are an avid runner and want to find others like you OR you need to get your lazy butt off the couch because the only marathons you participate in are ones from Netflix (House of Cards obviously), then you may think about joining Running For Brews. What we love about RFB is that there’s no pressure to be done first and no slack if you are last. It is a group of passionate runners, joggers, walkers, young and old, looking to get in some exercise and enjoy each other’s company. Back when we first tried RFB years ago, they were only hosting runs two nights a week. Now, they have expanded by popular demand and have a running club each night of the week (Friday is the weekend in our book)! Whatever night you choose, there are drinks specials and often food deals after the run. A great way to get out and meet new people or enjoy a beautiful Tampa sunset as you work out. Mondays and Wednesdays at Pourhouse in Channelside, Tuesdays at Macdinton’s SoHo, and Thursday at Yard of Ale SoHo.

Whatever it is that you choose, make it a goal to at least get out to one event per week. We are not the most fit people around (clearly), but we do love the social side of these free workouts around Tampa. So bring a mate or find a date, grab your gear and have a great time!


Making Fitness our Mantra

As you know, we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest workout trends. From running clubs, to yoga, to dance classes and Pilates- there is no shortage of studios and gyms around town to keep us on our toes. When a friend asked us to come check out Mantra Fitness, which features the Lagree fitness method, we had no idea what we were in store for.

Unfortunately the boys weren’t able to make it, so I brought a friend along to check things out. Located on South Dale Mabry, this mix of Pilates and cardio, features an adaptation to the reformer, called the Megaformer. When we arrived, 13 Megaformers were lined up in front of a mirrored wall. We were given our choice of grip socks (I obviously went for the leopard print) and Jeannie our instructor let us know we were ready to start.


We started off with a series of planks and lunges and within 5 minutes I was definitely feeling the burn. The nice thing about the workout is it is low impact so it doesn’t cause any stress to the joints making it an ideal workout for any age. They told us they have clients from 14 to 80 years old. Kudos to them because this workout is no joke. Another awesome aspect of the workout is that you have the option of making it as easy or challenging as you want.

mantra2With the music pumping, you don’t even realize you’re getting a total workout in just 45 minutes. But believe me, I’m realizing it today. The studio opens officially on Monday, February 16th and you can check out their website now to book individual classes, packages or memberships. Don’t live in the South Tampa area? You’re in luck because they also have a studio located in Sarasota too! We want to thank owners Kathy and Jeannie for having us out to try out this one of a kind workout. I can’t wait to get back in there. (and next time I’m bringing Nick and Ryan with me!)


I Fit, You Fit, E-Fit

My workout schedule tends to be like the ocean; it comes in waves. I’ll be good for about a month or two and then decide that I’ve earned 4 months off. It’s not exactly the best idea but hey, those 2 months are intense. So when Audrey from 4 U Fitness invited us to come check out their new gym and Electro Fitness (E-Fit ) system over in St. Petersburg I figured with the holidays coming up, I should probably do some sort of athletic activity. This way, when I down my turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, wine, etc. on Thursday I’ll can feel a little bit better about myself.

Last Tuesday I headed to the gym over on 4th Street which is conveniently located right by my office. Going in I had no idea what to expect. Before my session I had watched a Youtube video Audrey had sent over about the E-Fit and thought, hmm this doesn’t look so bad. Boy was I wrong. I met owner Daniel at his space around 5pm. I say space because the gym isn’t much bigger than Fresh Kitchen. After some minor paperwork it was time to get started.

Each 4 U Fitness gym will have artwork dedicated to it's location. Can you spot all the places on 4th Street?

Each 4 U Fitness gym (Located on Kennedy in Tampa too!) will have artwork dedicated to it’s location. Can you spot all the places on 4th Street?

A few things that are awesome about E-Fit is that the workout is only 20 minutes, they provide everything for you, and you truly get in a great workout. They even have showers, changing rooms and a vanity for women available for those who like to get a workout done during lunch and head back to the office. I quickly changed up and then was fitted for my vest and shorts. Yes, that right, a vest and shorts, full of straps and pads and wires. By the time I was done I totally felt like a robot. This blog gets me into the oddest situations, I have to say.


Once I was all strapped in, I was ready to be hooked up to the machine. The machine had a series of dials that each corresponded to a certain muscle group. During the workout Daniel would turn up the dial to simulate weight against your muscle. Also, I have to add that all exercises were done with a 2lb weight. Here is some easy math for you:  2lb weight + 20 minute workout = death. After a series of curls, squats, calf raises, crunches, and more I was near passing out when Daniel so graciously pulled the plug- literally.

The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I will say- this was TOUGH. I am writing this almost a week later, and I swear I finally stopped feeling sore 2 days ago. (Granted my lack of previous exercise but that’s neither here nor there)  If you are thinking, “Yeah right Allison, you’re a wuss” I challenge you to try it yourself! Right now at their St. Petersburg location you can try it for a week for just $1. Yes, $1! Click here for more info! Make sure to tell them NHIE Tampa Bay sent you!


Good Luck!- Allison

“Get The Point? Good, Let’s Dance”

Growing up I always considered myself to be a pretty good dancer. I took ballet, I can do It’s Raining Men and Cotton Eyed Joe with the best of them, I mean… I can do the worm for Christ’s sake.  But with choreographed dances seemingly only existing at weddings now-a-days, I had lost my panache for the old dance floor. Thankfully, in doing this blog, we’ve met so many people with seriously awesome talents and let’s just say I met a dance instructor who can WORK.

photo 3 (10)

A few weeks ago Nicholas and I had the chance to judge a friend’s brunch competition. Besides the AHMAZINGGG food and drinks we were so graciously served, we also met some exceptional individuals. One being Areis, an instructor at Soul Rooster Dance & Fitness. Located in Britton Plaza the studio is a little hard to find but once you get inside you’ll feel right at home. With a friendly staff, bright lights and pumpin’ music it’s like walking into your favorite club on a Saturday night. Lucky for me, tonight was the Janet Jackson World Tour Class. Every few weeks, Areis’ Soul Fusion class turns into a “World Tour” class designed to make you feel like a straight up backup dancer. While I was super upset to have missed the Madonna MDNA class, I was definitely not going to miss out on Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty).


Going in I was a little nervous after seeing a Facebook notification pop up on my phone stating “2 hours left do not eat anything from this point on please” (so the Evo’s Steakburger and Fries I just ordered should be returned?) Lucky for me I was OK but it’s not to say I didn’t have my ass handed to me in that class. It took me a little bit to warm up and get into the rhythm of things but after a few minutes I was ready to shake it. One thing I loved about the class was that not only did we do choreography, but it also had cardio intertwined. We danced, we did squats, we danced, we did step ups, we danced… you get the picture.


The great thing about the class was that everyone was on different levels, so you never felt like you were out of place or holding anyone back. Areis was so upbeat and encouraging that it didn’t feel like working out at all, it was just fun. I swear I had a smile on my face the entire time- and let me tell you, I do NOT have a smile on my face the entire time when I work out at the gym. When things started to wind down I was not ready for it to end, so I went ahead and bought a package to come back for more! Next up: BRITNEY! My 14 year old self is freaking out.


If you’re looking to mix up your workout, enjoy a fun class with some girlfriends or just try something different, make sure to check out Soul Rooster. Not only do they have their World Tour classes, but they also offer Pound classes, Salsa, Zumba and so much more. Planning a dance party for your closest friends or a birthday party for your young one?  Soul Rooster is the perfect place. They’ll have you feeling like a superstar in no time!


Wake Up Your Soul- Allison

Outeraction Awesome-ness

Being that 2 out of the 3 of us are University of Tampa Alumni, we are always pumped to see someone from UT doing big things. So when Matt Rutkovitz decided to start Outeraction we were thrilled that he asked us to come out to his very first “experience”. Outeraction puts on “microexperiences” for millenials in an effort to get them to meet new people, create community involvement and more or less just have an awesome time with like minded individuals. Each experience is no more than 3 hours, no more than $30 and for ages 30 and under. Besides just focusing on individuals, Outeraction offers these experiences to businesses as well as a form of teambuilding. I’m currently trying to coerce my company into hopping on the Outeraction train after our experience, so let me tell you why…

On a rainy Wednesday night Ryan, Nicholas and I headed into Ybor and sprinted the two blocks from the parking garage to Tampa Bay Brewing Company.  And let me tell you, the only thing that was going to make me feel better about the water in my shoes was a cold brew, which thankfully was handed to me upon arrival (already off to a good start). We mingled with some millenials as the rest of the crowd filed in and  about 10 minutes later we were ready to get started. Each experience starts off with ice breakers which Rutkovitz likes to call “energy openers” in an effort to get everyone feeling comfortable and create connections among the individuals at the experience. We all circled up and were confused when he pulled out a roll of toilet paper. (a brewery seems like an odd place to bring your own TP but hey, to each his own) we were told to pass it around and take as many sheets as we normally use (talk about getting personal; this may not be something you want to do with someone on a first date, just sayin’) Once everyone had awkwardly grabbed their toilet paper we were told that for every sheet, you would have to share a fact about yourself. Besides being a little awkward at first, it was a really good way to get to know the people around us and we were able to build on those facts for future conversation later in the evening.


Once the energy openers were done it was time to get to the brewery tour. Now I don’t know too much about beer besides that I like to drink it, so listening to the process and how the different beers are brewed was actually really interesting. We learned about everything from their Iron Rat Imperial Stout to their True Blonde and after the tour was done, it was on to our favorite part, the tasting. We headed back to our meeting area and were treated to some delicious snacks before getting our sampling on. We were lucky enough to try 8 different beers and in the end it was “One Night Stand Pale Ale” that came out on top for me. During the sampling it was great to converse with the other attendees and make connections for the future.

All in all it was a great first experience and since then, Outeraction has not slowed down one bit. You may have seen articles in the Tampa Bay Business Journal and 83 Degrees Media regarding the company and it’s CEO. Besides our brewery tour, experiences have included rock climbing and even a give back experience (because who doesn’t love having a great time while giving back?!) and there are way more to come. The next experience will be a Gin Cocktail Class this Wednesday (7/23) at Ciro’s Speakeasy where you will get to learn how to make drinks and of course, taste the creations. If you’re looking to get a little more physical with your experience, Laser Tag this Sunday (7/27) might be more your speed. Sponsored by the University of Tampa and featuring Brew Bus beers, it will be the perfect end to your Sunday Funday!



For even more upcoming events from Outeraction, be sure to check out their Facebook page!


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