Craving a Beer Pedi

So Father’s Day is tomorrow and if you are anything like us, you may have only bought the card so far. Well, Crave Spa  has got you covered! For the past few years, Crave has teamed up with Cigar City Brewing to bring guys the Beer Pedi. We know, it sounds too good to be true. Well, it isn’t! I was invited out this past week to test it out and wow was I impressed!

I checked in and got my seat as my new nail pro grabbed all of the materials. She filled a bucket with an extra “hoppy” batch of Cigar City brew. What’s interesting is that Cigar City donated this beer to the spa because it is a batch that is not able to be served to the general public due to the high amount of hops in it. Well that works out really well for Crave because extra hoppy beer provides benefits to a pedicure. Hops help exfoliate the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and the active yeasts in beer contain ingredients which rejuvenate and hydrate skin. Not to mention, while the pedi is happening, Cigar City has also provided Jai Alai’s for the guest of honor!

In no time, my feet were squeaky clean and ready to roll! It was a fun experience and my feet now look awesome! What a fun Father’s Day treat and a great way to increase the male clientele at the spa! Wherever there’s beer, men will come. So book your appointment NOW for tomorrow’s Father Day Beer Pedi before it’s too late. Ask for Sara…she was awesome! Have fun! I know I did.

Disclosure: NHIE received a complimentary Beer Pedi through a Crave Spa partnership in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own.


Show and Tell

Although we do a WHOLE lot of showing and telling on our blog, we recently attended a really cool event new to Tampa Bay and hosted by some really great brands. Cass Contemporary, Penelope T Boutique and London Philips teamed up last month to bring a unique experience to South Tampa. Merging art and fashion, Show and Tell, invited guests to a night of upscale art and high end fashion. The event took place early in May at Cass Contemporary (a place we have become rather fond of recently) and highlighted fashion from both Penelope T and London Philips.

Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay Show and Tell Cass Contemporary

We kicked off the night during the VIP cocktail hour by admiring the awesome art on display at Cass and imbibing on libations from Cru Cellars and hors d’ oeuvres made by Datz. As we scoped out the new exhibition on display called Pound and A Bear Hug made by local artists Bask and Tes One, we snapped some pics and spotted a new addition to the space. Where the wall that divides the room when you walk in once stood, now was home to a funky and rather secretive DJ booth. It is a great add on to the space and will allow for DJ’s to perform at all future events at Cass.

Show and Tell Cass Contemporary Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

Eventually, the VIP cocktail hour came to an end and more people began arriving. We were introduced to the MC for the night, Pedro Andrade, anchor on ABC and Univision Fusion. We said hey to our friends, Johnny and Sasha, owner of London Philips and then it was showtime!

Show and Tell Cass Contemporary Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

Guests took their seats and Pedro began the intro for the show. One of the great parts of the event was that a portion of the proceeds from the event was donated to the DeBartolo Family Foundation. The presented the donation check and then, it wa show time!

Show and Tell Cass Contemporary Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

The models were a mixture of clothing and pieces from both London Philips and Penelope T and ranged from bathing suits, to button downs, to dresses and jewelry. Both guys and girls walked the runway and with the setting of Cass as the backdrop, it made for a really unique event.


Not only was the fashion on point, but the Bask and Tes One exhibit on display were really something to look at. If you follow local artists then you may have seen the mural painted on the big garage doors next to Timpanos in Hyde Park Village. Anyways, the exhibits at Cass typically stay up for about a month. Although you missed the Bask and Tes One show, there will be some really awesome things coming in the late summer/early fall over at Cass. Keep an eye out!


NHIE Tampa Bay

Sneak Peek | Yeoman’s Cask & Lion | Downtown Tampa

It’s not everyday that a local staple, such as Yeoman’s, gets a reboot. Before Yeoman’s Cask & Lion, it was Yeoman’s Road Pub and existed as a local bar on Davis Islands. A pub for the locals to experience casual British Cuisine that was operational for decades.

Now we can all get excited for the reinvented and redefined Yeoman’s Cask & Lion. Rumor has it, that they will be opening their doors tonight in Downtown Tampa on the corner of N. Morgan St. and E. Washington St., this location will surely bring a new dining experience, described as British Old World with a modern clean approach. Check in to their socials for all the updates (we will sure to keep you posted as well).

Yeoman's Cask and Lion Downtown Tampa

The interior design feels as though you have stepped into the street in Britain with a creative and modern twist. The walls are lined with crafted woodwork from the frames of the space to the torched wood walls. The floors are reminiscent of a British road and the brickwork is intentionally left imperfect. All of these lay the groundwork for the fun, creative and casual feel that is found in the neon signs, a restored London phone booth (originally gifted to past Yeoman’s owners from Def Leopard- it’s TRUE!), and playful artwork of rock legends and British royalty that will line the main dining room.

Here are a few close looks as some of the details that you will find when you visit. There was still some construction happening during our visit so check back on our Instagram for more once it opens this June.

Another awesome feature of the venue is the back room (not the official name, but you get it), that is a totally new feel from the old space. Its funky wallpaper and red wood structure make it stand out from the rest of the space. The main feature is a drop down ceiling that is built and lit as a traditional Union Jack.

Yeoman's Cask and Lion

There will also be an outdoor patio guarded by two Queen’s Guards (literally seven foot tall statues) and outfitted for a king with a luxurious bar outfitted with USB plugs and a wall covered in greenery. There was no skimping on detail even here, construction was heavy on the patio so not too many pictures to share (sorry)!

Yeoman's Cask and Lion

 If the attention to detail, creativity and focus on British tradition of the space are any indication of the menu that will follow, Yeoman’s Cask and Lion will become a staple in our evolving Downtown.

A few takeaways as to what is coming:

  1. They will have over 100 beers on tap
  2. They are the only location in Tampa to have two Fine Cask Ales
  3. The lion in the name was inspired by a neon art piece that the owners found in London along with two others that will be showcased at the venue
  4. Traditional British Fayre will be served

And, I will leave you with this, keep your eyes open for Union Jack wrapped vehicles (there are 11 in total) and have your phones ready. Why, you ask? Because Yeoman’s is giving away a round trip to London for two! If you spot one, take a selfie with it and post using #UnionJackAttack!

Here’s ours!

Yeoman's Cask and Ale Happy Hunting and hope to catch you at Yeoman’s pub!

– Ryan

This Bar Ain’t so Baaaaah-d

Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

So we had to do it! We know it’s corny, but it was too easy NOT to go there. I mean, come on, at the grand opening, Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. had an actual goat hanging out at the bar. Granted, we don’t think they splurged for a blind goat, but it still did the job.

Living in South Tampa and being in our twenties makes it seem inevitable to find us hanging out on Howard on the weekend. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love us some SoHo fun, but we have “graduated and matured” (a nice way of saying we are getting too old), and have broadened our horizons a bit further outside of our SoHo box if you will. Case and point, Blind Goat Food and Drink Co.

As you can see, we were so excited to be asked to present our new friends with the Food Blogger’s Award after their awesome showing at The Taste of South Tampa last month. We had been to the space a few times prior to the ribbon cutting and in the first few months they have been open, Blind Goat has already made changes and improvements to the dining/ drinking experience.

Let’s start with the obvious… the facelift the restaurant received prior to opening was a nice improvement to set the new scene for customers. Let me warn you though, if you are a Gator fan, this bar may not be your cup o’ tea. It is all decked out in garnet and gold and definitely gives the vibe of an upscale frat bar (in all the right ways). It has great drink specials, easy food options to munch on, live music and games to keep drinkers entertained.

But really, what do we care most about? FOOD & DRINK of course! The hottest selling point for us would have to be their awesome Shot + Beer Specials! Obviously our go-to would be the “Don Juan”. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good tequila shot and Corona?  We have even been back since their food menu has been added to and found ourselves really enjoying the flatbreads and salad we ordered.  Ryan tried the Mediterranean Steak Salad recently and found it to be really flavorful and unique. It had Marinated Flap Steak, Artichokes, Roasted Red Peppers, and Tomatoes tossed in a White Balsamic Vinaigrette and served in Boats of Romaine upon a bed of Tzatziki. The Tzatziki on the bottom was a really fresh and funky twist. I tried The CDS Flatbread which had Feta Cheese, Grapes, Sausage, and was drizzled in Olive Oil. Bottom line…I devoured it in minutes.

All in all, we love our new neighborhood friends and look forward to many more nights hanging out at Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. Be sure to check them out. And as always, let them know NHIE sent you!

Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. on Urbanspoon

NHIE Bridal Shower

Yes, you read that correctly. We here at NHIE Tampa Bay, THREW A SURPRISE BRIDAL SHOWER! As crazy as it sounds, we recently teamed up with some awesome, local brands to help pull off a unique and fun surprise bridal shower for our close friend who lives in Tampa Bay and it was a huge success.

For starters, we needed to find a space. Knowing we wanted something unique (because we have to be different), we went on a hunt for the perfect spot. After one drive down Howard, we spotted, Bumble Tampa, a local girl’s boutique located between Bella’s Italian Cafe and London Philips. We were intrigued and pleasantly surprised when we walked in to meet owner, Stephanie.

We immediately fell in love with the unique spot and cute decor. It is girly, but not foofy, and has the perfect flair we wanted for the shower. We chatted a bit with Stephanie about our idea and she was immediately on board. In the coming weeks, we threw around ideas and put together some really fun things for the party.

Cue Glitz Events Tampa, a local wedding and events planning business, who jumped on board to help with event planning! This was the fun part. We knew we had our florist, Florist Fire, locked down. She did such a BOMB job at our recent engagement, that we HAD TO have her back to make this event extra special. We also knew that the bride to be would love to have her favorite local eatery, Green Lemon, on board for food. We reached out and that was that! We then reached out to our favorite local bakery, SweetTooth Cakery, to help provide engagement ring cookies (that were delicious!).

Next up, we needed decor. We searched pinterest for “bar” ideas and decided on a Mimosa Bar and two Sangrias, white and red. In addition, Onli Beverages, provided some non-alcoholic drinks to sip on in the form of their fun, sparkling sodas made right here in Florida! They added an extra pop of color and tasted great too! Flair Exchange provided some fun decor items that were made here locally to pull our vision together. Buccaneer Party Rental provided the folding chairs at a very reasonable cost and we were on our way to pulling it all together.

Now, the hard part….PULLING IT ALL OFF! In the days leading up to the party, we did a final walk through of the space, discussed the set up and rearrangement of the boutique, met with the vendors, and brought it all together. We bought some frames and printed some pics of the fam and the happy couple to add our personal touch to the space and put together cute favors with help from a ring pop and wedding gift boxes shaped like a bride’s dress.

The day came and everyone pitched in to make things work seamlessly. With all of the help from the girls at Glitz helping with day of setup, it was easy for us to pull everything together. The weather was gorgeous and the space worked out wonderfully. We set our Spotify Playlist created just for the party and waited.

Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay Bridal Shower Bumble Tampa

The bride pulled into an empty lot (since we had the party on a Sunday thanks to Stephanie at Bumble when all other shops in the lot are closed) to see all of her “Tampa Family” waiting to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. It was an awesome time. We even set up a photobooth in the dressing room of the shop and had a station for guests to share date ideas with the happy couple (thanks Pinterest and Glitz for making this work so effortlessly).

We enjoyed mimosas and sangria while chowing down on Green Lemon brunch and sharing our stories of the soon to be bride and groom. We played some games, opened gifts, and enjoyed a champagne toast courtesy of momma of the bride. All in all, it was a great day and wonderful celebration of love for our favorite Tampa bride to be. If you are looking for local vendors to help with making your upcoming event something EXTRA special, definitely reach out to the girls we worked with around town. We couldn’t have done it without them!


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