A Tasty Sweet Tooth

Part of my role in helping organize Social Media Day  this year was to try and find partners and sponsors to join our event. This meant reaching out to local businesses, chatting about what the event was for and seeing how we could incorporate the different businesses into the event itself. After reviewing the sponsors that were already on board, I noticed one, rather key component missing from the list…..DESSERT! I immediately ran to social media to find a local baker that could help us out. Within seconds, I stumbled upon, The Sweet Tooth Cakery, a local “cakery” in South Tampa, located on Westshore Blvd. I contacted the owner and “Master Baker” , Pam, to see if she could be of assistance and she agreed. The cupcakes she provided were phenomenal and the coolest part, they were personalized with the logo for the event and other fun icons that were on brand for the event. I was sure to keep her number and contact info saved for future events. Sweet Tooth Cakery in Tampa

Now that was back in June, so fast forward to last week when we received an email inviting us to an exclusive tasting at Sweet Tooth to try out and comment on some new menu items that are being released. We gladly accepted and on Wednesday night, Allison and I rushed our hungry stomachs right on over to the shop. We met the other bloggers that came for the fun and took our seats to get the tasting started.

Sweet Tooth Cakery Treats and Scorecard

So as you can see, we were asked to comment and judge on three types of cupcakes, Kahlua Biscoff Crunch, Sweet Potato Pie and Chicken and Waffles. But, before we could do that, we were served some delicious Party Cake Milkshake with a rainbow sprinkle rim. Let me say that the pictures don’t do any of these treats justice in that they were so yummy. The milkshake tasted like liquid birthday cake. SO GOOD!

Sweet Tooth Cakery Tampa

Sweet Tooth Cakery Creations

We eventually got going on the cupcakes and to start off was the Kahlua Biscoff Crunch (top left). After that decadent treat, we moved on to Sweet Potato Pie which was both mine and Allison’s favorites. The marshmallow buttercream may have done it for us, but either way this one is a MUST TRY. Lastly, they brought out the Chicken and Waffles, which was rather intriguing. It literally had bacon bits and a chicken nugget on top, which made for a unique but appealing taste combo. As I ate it all I could think about was wanting an order of actual chicken and waffles. As we closed up the judging on the three (Sweet Potato Pie took the top spot for us), Pam explained there was one more surprise item to come. This item was something that she hadn’t seen done in Tampa before and was getting ready to launch it the next day on her menu. As many of you know, Cronuts were the big thing before summer began. Well, move over cronut because there is a new headliner in Tampa Bay! Introducing the COOKIE CUP! It is exactly what it sounds like, a cup made out of cookie. It can be personalized with different frosting, sprinkles, and filled with a plethora of different treats: milk, latte, ice cream, or empty! As we enjoyed all of the delicious treats, we made sure to snag a few shots and even squeezed in some “Sweet Tooth Selfies”. #pinkysupdrinkysup HAHA

Sweet Tooth Cakery Tampa

Sweet Tooth Selfies

The Sweet Tooth Cakery has been open for just over one year and is your one stop shop for everything desserts! They do cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops…you name it. They host parties, wedding cake tastings (only $25 and if you end up placing an order with them, the $25 is deducted from the cost of the cake), or will serve you as a walk-in customer. Basically everything they make can be personalized and they are very flexible in working to make the customer happy. They can also do vegan options and other dietary restrictive recipes…. just ask! The flavors are endless and they also have smoothies, lattes, iced teas, and more. Oh and if you don’t feel like traveling to them, they deliver too! They offer free delivery within 10 miles of the store and then it’s 50 cents for each mile over the 10. I mean, you might as well stop in and check them out.

Sweet Tooth Cakery Tampa

Sweet Tooth Cakery Decor

As we got ready to leave and filled our to-go boxes because there was NO WAY we could finish all of those sweets in one sitting, we were presented with a Bourbon Banana Pudding Cheesecake baked in a baby mason jar as a parting gift. It is in the fridge ready for a tasting, so I will have to hold off on that judging. But, I am sure it will be delicious!

Bourbon Banana Pudding Cheesecake

The best part for you is the fact that she also sent us home with an awesome gift basket for our followers. Inside, there are tons of great gifts. It has some yummy treats, a t shirt, a gift certificate, and more! If you want a chance to win this great gift pack, be sure to enter to win here a Rafflecopter giveaway for Sweet Tooth Cakery.

Sweet Tooth Cakery Tampa

Sweet Tooth Cakery Decor


The Sweet Tooth Cakery on Urbanspoon

Summer of Rum Giveaway

Hey everyone! We had such a great time at Margarita Fest in the spring, that we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to join in all the rum fun at this year’s Summer of Rum Festival in Ybor City. With a variety of rum brands including Captain Morgan, The Naked Turtle and Bacardi, attendees will have the option of sipping on a slew of delicious drinks. Here are just some of the options to choose from:


Appleton VIP Bar:

Appleton Shakedown Highball

Appleton Original Daiquiri

Appleton Planter’s Punch

Appleton Mombay Sunset

Appleton The Instigator


Bacardi Rum Shack:

Bacardi Cuba Libre

Bacardi Mai Tai

Bacardi Mango Storm


Captain Morgan Pirate’s Cove:

Captain & Cola

Captain & Ginger

Captain’s Cooler

Pirate’s Tea

Captain Pineapple Splash


Cruzan Mojito Cantina:

Cruzan Classic Mojito

Cruzan Mango Mojito

Cruzan Black Cherry Mojito

 With so many more to name, we are excited to say that we have TWO GA TICKETS to give away today for Saturday’s event! Enter here for the Summer of Rum Fest Rafflecopter giveaway! The contest will run thought Thursday, August 14th at 11:59pm. We will announce the winner by Friday to arrange a pick up. Good luck!


Stackin Those Bricks

So as you know, we love uncovering the secret spots in Tampa Bay. Well, a few weeks back, Allison, Ryan and I decided to spend a free Sunday enjoying two of our favorite things: Brunching and Geocaching. We started by checking out the geocaching app that Ryan installed on his phone a while back to see a small area in town that was heavily populated with caches to make our search easy.

Once we narrowed down our search spot to Ybor City, we were on the way to planning the day. Next up, food. So we started, as we normally do, thinking about where we have been already, places we have heard about, and what the reviews have to say. Cue…Yelp. After seconds of throwing out ideas, The Bricks Of Ybor was on the table and we all were ready to go!

Bricks Ybor Bar

The Bar at The Bricks

It was early in the afternoon on a Sunday during the World Cup, so the assumption was that we may have to “indulge in libations” while waiting for a table. Twist our arms why don’t you? But, to our surprise, this was not the case at all. We walked in, found a table in view of the soccer game being projected and were ready to enjoy our meal. After scouring the menu for a few minutes, we realized the breakfast portion of the menu wasn’t very lengthy, so that made my choice easy. I went for the bbq chicken quesadillas. Pictured below, they were served alongside freshly made house salsa. It was exactly what i was hoping for to fill me up for a day of searching Ybor City for caches with my favorite cache crew. Ryan opted for a Brick House Salad, pictured top left, that is served with mixed greens, onions, cucumbers, cheese, tomato, bacon and balsamic vinaigrette. Allison found the perfect balance of delicious and healthy when she opted for the Proper Grilled Cheese with a side salad. Fun fact: lots of the produce used in their menu items come directly from above the dining area. The roof is closed off and used as a garden to help the restaurant be more Green (We LOVE sustainability features at local spots).

Bricks Ybor Food

Delicious Food at The Bricks

Side note: seeing as it was a relaxing Sunday Funday, Ryan decided to adventure out of the ordinary to try a Cucumber Saison from one of our fave local breweries, Cigar City. The only problem was once it came, it was anything but tasty. After passing it around, the consensus was that we felt as though we were drinking out of a pickle jar. No bueno! Don’t worry everyone, we still have lots of love for our peeps at CCB, so we will continue to sip on our Florida Cracker Ale and Jai Alai.

Art at The Bricks Ybor

Bricks Ybor Patio Art

After our delicious meal, we settled up our checks and got ready to leave. As we left, we stopped in the back patio to check out what it had to offer. We were pleasantly surprised to find lots of awesome art painted right on the walls of the brick building. We even commented that the patio would make a cool spot for a night of cocktails (stay tuned). It definitely has that “rooftop bar in NYC” kinda feel to it.

Art at The Bricks Ybor

Bricks Ybor Patio Art

All in all, The Bricks was great and we look forward to heading back one night to enjoy their “Daily BS”. Yes, I said B-S. These are their “Brick Specials”. Check them ALL out below. Oh and P.S. Rumor has it…..in the past, they have hosted an old-school nintendo gaming night. How cool is that??!

Daily Specials at The Bricks Ybor

- Nicholas
The Bricks of Ybor on Urbanspoon

Irish 31: Be Our Board

If anyone has ever been to Irish 31, you know they like to think of themselves as, “the people’s pub” and they are certainly putting their money where their mouth is. And lucky for us, it’s where our mouths are too. They’ve introduced their “Be Our Board” series last month in which they invite their patrons to sit on a tasting panel to test out new menu options as well as beers that could possibly be added to their bar.

The events are held at both their Hyde Park and Westchase locations and are open to about 15 people. On this particular night we were treated to beers from Brew Bus Brewing. Their owner, Anthony introduced each beer that was paired up by a menu option from the chef. We tried everything from a Ham and Black Bean Quesadilla paired with an Are Wheat There Yet? to a delicious Corned Beef and Cabbage Boxty paired with a Rollin Dirty Beer.


One thing I was pleased to see a few days later when I returned to Irish (don’t judge me) was that one of the crowd favorites, the Blueberry Kale and Quinoa Salad was the special. It was nice to see they were really taking our opinions to heart. While the salad was a good healthy option,  my favorite combination of the night had to be the Irish Cream Cheesecake with the Double Decker English Style Porter. I’m not usually one for a porter but we got creative and a few of us actually dipped our cheesecake into the beer for a delicious treat. (Seriously, try it- so yummy)


The next Be Our Board event will be 8/26 at the Hyde Park location. Spots are limited so make sure to get in while you can. Head over to www.irish31.com/isociety -click on the Be Our Board graphic and register!  Cheers!




Rarehues Modern Vintage Market

Those of you that have known Ryan and I for a while know that we love finding unique yet modern decor pieces for our house. Ever since we bought our place a little over a year ago, we love to find one-of-a-kind items to make our house a home. Now yes, Brocante Market in St. Pete has helped us a bit, but Carrollwood has recently gotten its own, vintage market, that is helping too. Rarehues Modern Vintage Market is an ecclectic mix of old and new, with styles ranging from traditional to country to contemporary and much more!

Vintage Tampa Bay Carrollwood

Rarehues Modern Vintage Market

We were invited out as part of the grand opening of the shop and when we pulled up, we were surprised to see that the store is located in a very, very familiar location! Walking up to the storefront, we could see our friends at Golfer’s Grail  not far down from Rarehues.

Vintage Tampa Bay Decor

Rarehues Modern Vintage Market

Walking in, you will an entire store filled with odds and ends, jewelry and art, for all types of design aesthetics. Designers basically rent out a space in the store and keep it stocked with vintage and modern pieces that create a vignetter for that area of the store. What’s great about Rarehues is the fact that the style ranges from country to modern to vintage and everything in between. I can honestly with utmost confidence that there is something for everyone when you come visit this great new spot.

Vintage Tampa Bay

Rarehues Modern Vintage Market


Not only did we find an awesome model of the Empire State Building for our Ode to NY guest room, but we also snagged ourselves some new plants for our dining room with a planter made from a pallet and another made from a repurposed wine chiller.


Vintage Tampa Bay Decor

Rarehues Modern Vintage Market Finds

So if you are in the “market” for some modern and/or vintage finds, look no further than Rarehues in Carrollwood. Don’t forget to say hey to owners, Jenn and Juan for us!

Photobooth NHIE Tampa

Rarehues Photobooth


P.S. We made a funny FlipAGram for your enjoyment!


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